Valiant Conference is all about becoming a strong, brave and fearless generation. 

  The world is looking for people who will stand for what is right and fight for what they love and we believe that movement starts with you. Through out the whole weekend you can expect to encounter God, experience His love and get to know Him on a real level. Our desire is to empower young men and women for purpose, to "hit the mark" and live a life of success. No matter what your past may be, God has an amazing plan for your future. 

We invite you to join this movement with us & many others.


Real Experiences of Valiant 2016

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Founder of Voice of Revival Ministries

  Samuel's passion is to see every generation raised up to the fullness of their potential in God. Along with his wife Kristen, they started Voice of Revival Ministries in 2010 shortly after they were married. Together, their hearts’ desire is to see a move of God started that will be passed down from generation to generation. He has traveled throughout the world, ministering in a strong prophetic and healing anointing. He also hosts conferences and schools, equipping the body of Christ and raising up and releasing leaders, revivalists, and evangelists into the harvest fields in Canada and beyond. Samuel and Kristen believe that ministry is not meant to be kept inside the church, and they have had great success in hosting community and sporting events as well as Christian conferences and schools. 

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Founder of T.J. Green Ministries 

  T.J., first and for most, is a lover of God, a husband to his beautiful wife Rita and father to his son Dax. He was ordained with Open Bible Faith Fellowship and is currently in full time traveling ministry. He has been in full-time ministry since 2006 and has been heavily involved in running and teaching in supernatural schools, pouring into the next generation of revivalist, and raising up young men and women to move in the power and love of God. Raised in the word of faith movement, as the son of a Pastor, he has had an appetite for revival from a very early age. He has a passion for seeing people come to Christ, be trained and operate in the prophetic, healing, signs and wonders, know their true identity in Christ, and become totally on fire by the Holy Spirit. He is with out a doubt an evangelist and a revivalist to the core. Ministry trips through out Canada, as well as in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Germany have been tremendous highlights in his ministry.

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