Our Senior Pastors


David & Cathie Harrison

David & Cathie, founders of The R.O.C. Church International, are passionate about the local church, believing it is a place where God builds a dynamic network of vibrant people empowered to succeed. Their love for people and life is reflected in their generosity which leads others to the abundant life, where a surplus of love, forgiveness, and grace advances the kingdom of God not only in individual lives but in the world around us. Along with their two gorgeous daughters, their family is an example of unity. They believe both home and church should be a thriving place of laughter and joy.


Our Values

 We are fuelled by passion that ignites others to achieve their purpose and bring change to our world.

 We love life and strive to have fun in all we do.

 We value diversity, respecting all cultures and backgrounds showing the love of Christ.

 We resolve to build a contemporary, dynamic network of vibrant people empowered to succeed.

 We recognize our generosity leads to the abundant life and is reflected in our readiness to advance the kingdom.

 We are the real deal, authentic people devoted to truth, bringing honour to God.

 We demonstrate a commitment to excellence in what we do.

Our Vision

winning in life
Exodus 25:40

to connect to his freedom plan
Psalms 33:11

maturity in Christ
1 Timothy 6:11b

to attract others to win in Him 
Philippians 1:11

Our Mission Statement

Moving Right With Life!